Sunday, March 2, 2014

Tell Me I'm Not Alone in Suffering from Beauty PMS

Okay fellow beauty bloggers, please tell me I am not alone in suffering from PMS.  And no I'm not talking about that sneaky bitch that creeps up once a month.  I'm talking about Peeling Mask Syndrome.   What is Peeling Mask Syndrome you may ask?  Well I'm currently suffering from it and hating every minute of it.  Here is the lowdown.  No matter what I do I can never get a peeling face mask to actually peel all the way off.  I always have to scrub. No matter what I do.  Ive tried putting on more, putting on less, and still suffer.  I always end up having to scrub it off.  I can get about 60% off and that's it.  Does anyone else out there suffer from this?  And does anyone have any tips on how to master the art of actually peeling off a peel off face mask.  It's becoming quite irritating to me, so any suggestions and fellow suffers to make me feel better would be greatly appreciated!

As always - Staying Fabulous -



  1. I do pretty well with PMS! I actually get about 90-95% off with the peel which I think is pretty successful. The best tip I would have is to make the layer as even as possible which we all know is impossible because it's so thick and goopy. So no, then I guess I don't have helpful tips. Maybe wait longer? Just a thought. Great post dahling!

  2. What a fab post!! Yes, I think everyone gets PMS. Thanks for sharing!!